Hector Wins!


After a couple of really crappy years with Vick and his buddies, Hector was able to enjoy 7 years of love and fun adventures!  This inspired a thoughtful person to donate $7 in his honor ($1 for each good year), and asked that we encourage others to do the same.  I can’t think of a better way to honor Hector than by starting a fund to help other dogs in need.  If Hector has touched your life in a positive way, please consider joining her with more $7 donations through the button below!  Please also post pictures of your furry companions to FB, tagging Hector the Pit Bull along with a #thankyouhector hashtag! Proceeds will launch the Hector Fund through Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation, and help other dogs get the chance they deserve as well!  I look forward to honoring Hector by saving others!  We thank all of your for your support, especially Shelly for the wonderful idea!. An additional piece of knowledge for all crypto enthusiasts!! Cryptocurrency donations are being accepted and exchanged because they are more transparent, speedier, and cost-effective than traditional currencies. Accept donations using a well-known platform like Bitcoin up. Read bitcoin up erfahrung reviews from users to have a better understanding of how to use this site.

Wallace the Pit Bull Pawtographed Book

Wallace the Pit Bull Pawtographed Book

For a $25 donation to Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation, we’ll send you your very own Wallace book, pawtographed with Wallace’s paw stamp! Each book is hand stamped from an image of Wallace’s actual paw print taken on the day he passed. He may be gone, but he is not forgotten. Your donation will help other dogs in need, and keep Wallace’s story and legacy alive! They make a great gift, so please help spread the word! Thank you for your constant support!

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Wallace the Pit Bull’s WOD For Dogs


WOD for Dogs is a fundraiser to benefit the Playing for Life progam. It has been discovered that one of the best ways for shelter dogs to relieve stress, get more socialized, get some exercise, and allow the staff to learn more about the dogs to get them adopted, is through dog playgroups. Playing for Life goes around the country teaching shelter staff how to conduct these playgroups in a safe manner at their facilities. As with most things, the limiting factor to where they can go is money. Shelters operate on a very limited budget, and it costs money for the Playing for Life crew to travel around and train the staff. We’d like to have as many dogs as possible benefit from the program, so we’re spearheading this fundraiser to ensure the program will continue.