Wallace is a rescued American Pit Bull Terrier.  He was found as a stray and turned into the humane society.  Wallace is one of the highest drive dogs I have ever come across, so it was no surprise that he did not do well in the kennel environment.  Unfortunately, the “low kill” shelter that is set up to help him, started targeting him for euthanasia because he was a “liability”.  He wasn't an angel by any means, but what do you expect from an off the chart working dog that was bored out of his mind after receiving no training for the first year of his life.  The organization does some good things.  It was just eye opening to the amount of misunderstanding there is regarding this breed among the people that are supposed to be there to help, and how much politics can affect the lives of the animals that are in a shelter's care.
With the help of some others, my wife and I were able to pull him out before he was put down.  We put our money where our mouth is so to speak, and since being rescued Wallace has surpassed any expectations we could have imagined. Our mission now is to use Wallace's story to inspire other bully owners to get out there and show off their fellow breed ambassadors, and to educate as many people as we can about the truth regarding these dogs.  Since taking on this mission, Wallace has earned the respect of people from all over the world, and competes right along side the best disc dogs on the planet.  A list of accomplishments is listed below, however Wallace doesn't care if he gets a trophy or not.  He just knows he's alive and having fun chasing a piece of flying plastic all over the country.  At each competition we've been to, whether we take home the gold or just end up back at home, we have changed the mind of somebody and opened their eyes to think differently about the “Pit Bull” breed.  That's what it's all about!!
Skyhoundz Open Qualifier - 2nd Place Pairs Freestyle - Qualified for World Finals
Skyhoundz World Finals - 2nd Place Pairs Freestyle

Skyhoundz Local, LaCrosse, WI - Distance/Accuracy Champion
Skyhoundz Local, Rochester, MN - 3rd place Freestyle
Skyhoundz Local, Jordan, MN - Freestyle Champion, 2nd place D/A
Skyhoundz Local, Highland Park, MN - D/A Champion
Skyhoundz Local, St Charles, MN - Freestyle Champion
Skyhoundz Local, LaCrosse WI - Freestyle Champion
Skyhoundz North Central Regionals - Pairs Freestyle Champion - Qualified for World Finals
Skyhoundz World Finals - 2nd Place Pairs Freestyle
MN Disc Dog Club Cup - Freestyle Champion
AWI Classic - Open Division Champion - UFO Major - Qualified for UFO World Finals and AWI World Finals
AWI World Championship - 4th Place Open Division
UFO World Finals - 4th Place Open Division
FDDO Western Leg - Pro Division Champion
Cynosport Games World Champion

Animal Farm Foundation Achievement Award
Rochesterfest Open Division Champion - UFO Local
AWI Classic - Open Division 9th place - UFO Major (not associated with AWI series)
Skyhoundz West Coast Open Qualifier - 3rd Place Distance/Accuracy - Qualified for World Finals
Skyhoundz West Coast Open Qualifier - Pairs Freestyle Champion - Qualified for World Finals
Skyhoundz West Coast Open Qualifier - Expert Freestyle Champion - Qualified for World Finals
Skyhoundz World Finals - 8th Place Distance/Accuracy
Skyhoundz World Finals - 2nd Place Pairs Freestyle
Skyhoundz World Finals - Tied for 4th Place Expert Freestyle - tied for highest single round score
Only large dog in 2007 to qualify for all three events
AWI East Coast Qualifier - Open Division Champion - Qualified for AWI World Championships
AWI World Championship - 7th Place Open Division
FDDO - 4th Place overall Pro Division
Cynosport World Games - 2nd Place Overall
Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Central Regional - 2nd Place
Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion

Wallace has appeared in the magazines Bully Breeds, The Bark Magazine, Fully Bully, Rochester Magazine, St Mary's University Magazine and a couple international online magazines.  He's also appeared on ABC, ESPN2, Animal Planet, multiple newspapers, local ABC and NBC news media,  numerous online blogs,, Animal Wise Radio, and The Pawz Cauze.......I think that's most of them.