2007 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

Purina IDC Central Regionals

Join us as Wallace and I walk on and prove ourselves worthy to compete among some of the best.

Wallace the Pit Bull Purina IDC Central Regionals

2007 Ashley Whippet Invitational

AWI East Coast Qualifier

Wallace and I light it up in round 1 to score the highest freestyle score of the day, are crowned the Open Division Champion, and qualify for the AWI World Championships.

Wallace the Pit Bull AWI East Coast Qualifier

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2007 Skyhoundz

World Championships Round 2 Individual Freestyle

This round tied us for the highest single round score at the Skyhoundz world championships.

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World Championships Friday Open Qualifer

Wallace and I just having some fun, stretching our legs after the long car trip to Atlanta.

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Western Open Qualifier

Join us on our trip as we head just north of Denver and some of the worst canine legislation in the country regarding this breed to show them a different image of Pit Bulls.

Wallace the Pit Bull Western Open Qualifier

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2006 UFO World Cup Series

UFO World Cup Finals Round

Wallace and I qualified for the finals round in the grand stands held as part of the Cynosport World Games.

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Naperville UFO Toss and Catch

Wallace goes 5 for 5 which helped him become Open Division Champion of this UFO Major Competition.

Wallace the Pit Bull Naperville Toss and Catch

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General Videos

Introducting Wallace the Pit Bull

Wallace is in full force in this vid and out to show the world what these dogs are all about! Don't believe the hype!

Introducing Wallace the Pit Bull

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You Can't Bring Me Down

They say actions speak louder than words. If that's the case, this is Wallace speaking loudly for Pit Bulls everywhere!!

Wallace the Pit Bull: You Can't Bring Me Down

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Wallace's Rocky Training Montage

Wallace has an incredible underdog story going from death row to world class disc dog in under 2 years. Therefore, we found it only fitting to do a little film in fashion of the ultimate underdog story, Rocky!

Wallace the Pit Bull: Rocky Style Traning Montage

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