About Hector

Hector was one of 47 Pit Bulls rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting operation. He has scars and physical signs all over his body from his previous life. Fortunately all of the scars are external, and Hector's personality allowed him to stay true to himself. Once he was rescued and given a chance at a better life he began to shine. He has since passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test multiple times. He passed the ATTS Temperament Test, and can visit hospitals, nursing homes, and libraries as a Certified Therapy Dog. Hector has also done a lot of work in elementary schools teaching children compassion toward animals and how to safely act around dogs. Hector's work earned him a humane education award presented through Brooklyn Law School. His story has been highlighted in both local and national media outlets, including but not limited to, CBS Early Show, Good Day NY, People Magazine, E! Entertainment News, Entertainment Weekly and NPR's Fresh Air.

Hector has quite the resume, but the best part is the chance to live as a good dog in a loving home. Most of the day is spent laying around the house, hopefully in a spot of sunshine that he was able to seek out. Hector lives with a house full of other dogs that he can play with now that he's been given the chance to do so. Mindy Lou, a little 12lb toy aussie, bosses him around all day. His loves to curl up with his best buddy, a rat terrier mix named Scooby Snack, for naps on a regular basis. Hector is getting a second chance, and he's proving he deserves every moment of it. Hopefully people will continue to be open to the many lessons Hector can teach us.