Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)?

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) are laws against the ownership of specific breeds, mostly targeting the group of dogs commonly referred to as "Pit Bulls". All dogs of a specified breed are considered dangerous/illegal regardless of temperament, training, and disposition of the individual dog. Often, even dogs that have "characteristics" of the specified breeds are included in these laws as well, so even if your dog is not one of the breeds listed it may still be in danger of confiscation and euthanasia simply based on the dog's appearance.

For more information and resources on Breed Specific Legislation, check out our links page.

Are Pit Bulls bad with kids?

Kids should always be supervised while around dogs, however Rufus proves that Pit Bulls can be excellent companions for our children. Here is a video of him helping children learn to read in a reading program. Often children that are too shy to read aloud will relax enough to read to a dog that is not there to judge them, just like these children don't judge Rufus because of what he looks like.

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Do Pit Bulls have double canines?

Many people believe that Pit Bulls have a double set of canine teeth. This is completely FALSE and the following video will disprove that myth.

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Are Pit Bulls agressive towards humans?

At the time of the following video, Bosley was being fostered with us through A Rotta Love Plus. He has since been adopted and has a great home. If you are interested in fostering or adopting please visit the A Rotta Love Plus website at A Rotta Love is based out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota and does do home checks for all their program dogs.

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Do Pit Bulls have locking jaws?

Many people believe that Pit Bulls have locking jaws. This is completely FALSE. The following video should show that the jaws of a Pit Bull do not physically lock shut.

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Are criminals the only people who own Pit Bulls?

Think only criminals own Pit Bulls? Let's explore this a bit and meet some real life Pit Bull owners to see what kind of background they have. These interviews are not staged at all and are completely off the cuff. It's kind of a long video, but I wanted to get a number of people in there so it wasn't just one example. Watch the video, and then let me know if you still believe only criminals want these dogs for the wrong reasons. FYI - These are the people and dogs you will be hurting when Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is passed.

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