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Bully Activities: Flying Disc

The above video shows a toss and catch round which is the event that most people start out with in the sport of flying disc. This particular video is from a UFO Major competition in Naperville, IL where Wallace was the overall open division champion. You get 60 seconds to complete as many throws as possible. You will see lines on the field, and each successful throw and catch receives a certain number of points depending on where the dog catches it on the field. The team with the most points wins. Thanks to Rick Kimball for the video. Enjoy.

This video is an example of a more artistic discipline of flying disc called freestyle. A team gets 90 seconds to 2 minutes to perform to music whatever the handler and dog can come up with. Judges score the routines depending on certain criteria for that organization. This can be very demanding on your dog, so you must make sure your dog is in good physical health. As with any new venture, it's also a good idea to learn as much about this while you're training to keep you and your pup safe. Here Wallace shows Pit Bulls can hold there own with the best in the world as he competes in the final round of the UFO World Finals/AWI World Championships. He placed 4th in this event which was part of the Cynosport World Games where he went home as the Cynosport World Games Overall Flying Disc Champion! Thanks to Josh Grenell for the video.