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Bully Activities: Therapy

Rufus, Therapy Dog Extraordinaire, and his friends visit the elderly at this nursing home on a regular basis. So many elderly love dogs but are unable to have them when they have to go into a nursing home. This gentleman with Rufus is no exception. When he was placed into the nursing home, he had to give up his husky to a shelter. This is a real life example of the true nature of a pit bull, and I'm sure because of the bond Rufus and this gentleman have, he is very pleased Rufus wasn't discriminated against and is able to make his living situation feel a bit more like home. So just to clarify, if it wasn't already obvious - the dark brindle dog showing the gentleman so much love and affection is a real life pit bull. Thanks to Mary Ellen for the wonderful video of her dog Rufus! What do you think of pit bulls now? Click here to learn more about Rufus

Here's Daisy Mae and her person Alison during their therapy visit. Another great example of the love these dogs have to give. I think Daisy Mae is the cutest mock piano I've seen.